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  • Multi-use water tray/show jump filler - Vinyl Vision
  • Multi-use water tray/show jump filler - Vinyl Vision

Vinyl Vision

Multi-use water tray/show jump filler




Our multi-use jump filler/water tray is made of a rip-stop heavy duty, strong and flexible  vinyl PVC banner.   

On one side it's plain blue to be used as a pretend water tray.

On the jump filler side it has white circles, or a pattern of your choice on the top and bottom poles sleeves.

Our training & jumping banners are suitable for all horses and ponies of all levels.

Q. What are the advantages of using Show Jump banner fillers over wooden fillers?

A. Our fillers are light weight, easy to store.  Wooden fillers generally rot, the paint chips, heavy to carry around and not height adjustable.  We cannot say that our fillers won't scuff, they may scuff if heavily knocked as any filler/pole would

Q. How do I put Show Jump banner fillers up?

A. Our fillers have a sleeve at the top and bottom which the poles slide through. The poles are then placed on the cups of the jump wings. The weight of the bottom pole keeps the fillers taut. Our fillers are designed to fit standard plastic or wooden poles. They come in 3 lengths –  Standard (7ft), Affiliated (9ft).

Q. Will my horse hurt itself if it knocks down a Show Jump banner filler?

A. Your horse is less likely to hurt itself knocking down our fillers as they are soft and flexible unlike the wooden fillers. The banner filler will fall down with the pole when it's knocked down.

Q. Will they fall down or blow in the wind?

A. Very strong winds can cause all fillers and poles to fall down. On request we can insert eyelets on each corner and supply bungee ties. Which can then be tied more tightly to the pole.  The weight of the bottom pole keeps the banner taut which prevents flapping.

Q. How long will it take for my fillers to arrive?

A. All fillers are made to order. They are ready for dispatch within 4 working days. Postage is 48 hour service.

Q. Do you post? how much is postage?

A. Postage costs for 1 filler is £10, for 2 or more fillers P&P is £15 to UK Mainland.

Q. Do you post out of UK Mainland?

A. Yes, please contact us with your address for a postage quotation.


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